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About The Well Well

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I hope you feel the love, care, and time I put into The Well Well. I pray it brings you hope, inspiration, connection, and healing

Why I Created The Well Well

Early on in life, I realized I didn’t possess a burning desire to pursue any particular career. Seeing others have passions, aspirations, and dreams to follow made me feel incredibly frustrated and anxious – where would my life lead? This continued into my 20’s, where I fluttered between multiple tech jobs, trying to make ends meet but still feeling as if my life carried no real purpose. When I hit 28, my Saturn Return rolled around, and I hit rock bottom.

At this point, I knew I had to do something. I was trying everything to fix my mind, body, and soul, immersing myself in the world of spirituality. I started to see subtle but powerful changes. I began to like myself more, I was making peace with parts of my past, and my anxiety lessened.

There’s one thing I’ve always felt I was particularly strong at, and that is connecting people. I love having an amazing experience with one individual and sharing that experience or story with someone else who may benefit. I believe that through connection and storytelling, we feel less alone.

Having such a transformative experience with spirituality and wellness and fusing that with my love of connecting people, the idea of The Well Well was born. By connecting members with practitioners who can give them the tools that guide their path towards healing, The Well Well is the platform I wish I had when I first began my spiritual journey and the community I never had to share it with.
I hope you feel the love, care, and time I put into The Well Well. I pray it brings you hope, inspiration, connection, and healing.


Health is Wealth!

Without it, we soon realize that little else matters. The Well Well was born to create a community health and wellness platform that tackles the abhorrent need to connect qualified and verified practitioners with clients that are seeking their expertise.

This community-centric platform is designed to give therapists the exposure they need to expand their businesses and client bases while providing individuals with a holistic wellness coach that can transform their mind, body, and soul.

We believe easy access to premium health and wellness services should be efficient. The days of spending hours searching for a practitioner and platforms limiting you to what services you can provide while taking a large percentage of your profits are over. We endeavor to ensure all our members reap rewards from The Well Well. If you’re a client, you’ll receive the wellness sessions you need, and if you’re a practitioner, we’ll do everything to assist you in expanding your business.

Your success is what motivates us, whether that be in the pursuit of health and wellness or expanding your business. If you’re seeking a community of like-minded humans on a journey of wellness, The Well Well is the platform for you.