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akashic record reading

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    Virtual Session
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    60 min
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think of the akashic records as a metaphysical library or the universe’s super-computer system that holds the information of everything that has happened, is happening and could possibly happen for every soul in the universe. this means that the akashic records holds the energetic imprint of every feeling, action, memory, choice, intent, word, promise and thought from every one of your incarnations. it holds the information of all of your lifetimes, all multidimensional aspects of the self, both past, present and future. this realm is sacred. it is light. it is a tool for positive soul transformation as you journey back to loving wholeness.

to better understand yourself, your patterns, beliefs, behaviors, traumas, relationships and more, the akashic records are a beautiful tool. you can also access information about your past lives or galactic lifetimes, if you’re curious to learn about yourself beyond your earthly body. ask for guidance, direction and clarity in regards to your job and career, finances and money, your health, recurring issues and patterns, your relationships (ie: why is my relationship with my mom so tough?) and if you’re at a cross-roads in life and don’t know what to do, the akashic records will guide you.