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Happiness Activation 1-Month Coaching Experience (2 Session Pkg)

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    Virtual Session
  • Duration of Session
    45 min
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These are for the dreamers, the deep-thinkers, the successful but unsatisfied women…

If you’ve…

ūüíĖLost your alive-ness and are wondering where in the hell your confidence went

ūüíĖBeen stuck on the ‚Äėdoing it all‚Äô hamster wheel trying to just¬†feel better¬†(and it’s not working)

ūüíĖTried self-help sh*t galore (affirmations, AM routines, books) and it’s not moving the needle

And you’re ready to…
ūüíĖGet clear on what YOU really want (and believe it’s possible!)

ūüíĖSee what’s standing in your way (even if it’s you!)

ūüíĖStart taking crazy, imperfect action with someone by your side when it gets messy & hard

ūüíĖLet your inner bad-ass out to play (even if its scary as hell!)

ūüíĖLive with more joy, confidence, and bounce back-ability

My mission is to give you the simple tools and support to help you get off the couch, put down the wine, and turn off the Netflix. To teach you how you can have enough spirit and energy left at the end of the day to say YES to yourself‚Ķand go to a yoga class, laugh outrageously with your besties, or simply be OK unplugging and not feel like shit for ‚Äėdoing nothing‚Äô.

I LOVE empowering women to finally stop the people-pleasing, perfectionism, and proving that’s draining their souls and keeping them from really living the bad-ass life they’re meant for.

If this calls to you, my Happiness Activation Package can lead you home to the core of what you deep-down really want (not what you’ve been told you SHOULD want), what’s standing in your way, and be clear on your one next best step to create that delightful life you’re meant for!

ūüėéHappiness Activation is Hereūüėé

I hear you’re not happy or satisfied with how your life has become.¬† I mean, who can be when every day feels the same? And the answer to it, focusing on yourself, is so hard to do.

I’m here to remedy that. I’ll be your happiness guide to get you out of Groundhog Day.

Real talk time…getting from¬†Point A to Point “OMG, I LOVE my life”¬†isn‚Äôt always easy. And I hate to break it to you but it takes more than just reading another self-help book or downloading another exercise routine.

You’ve already been trying that and it hasn’t worked yet, right?

What if there was a way it could be different? What would that even look like?

The best feeling ever is when you go from a state of unhappiness and¬†something’s missing¬†to one of bliss and you know just what you need, when you need it.

Do you want to be able to create that feeling as easy as putting on your favorite outfit?

Bad news…you’re not going to be able to think or work your way into that bliss-ness.

Good news…If this is what you want, the little old-fashioned magic you need is within reach.

Here’s how this¬†Happiness Activation¬†will roll…

ūü§ĒI’ll lead you to your¬†Aha’s
In the first session, you’ll have 45 minutes with me and my “magic”, using skills, talents, and outside perspective to uncover what’s really keeping you stuck and help you make it better.

To Get Clear: Who are you?¬† What do you want?¬† What’s missing?

The answers to these questions aren’t with me though, they’re inside you… I can guide you to them by helping you clear your fuzzy head and hear your answers.

Amazing, right? That you’ve had the answers all along!

ūüíěYou’ll have a “coach in your pocket” for the month
While your aha’s are settling in and you’re experimenting with making choices from these new beliefs, you’re not doing it on your own.

You’ll have email support from a Certified Life Coach & someone that’s been in your shoes, to cheer you on, challenge your status quo, and keep you motivated.

Think Personal Trainer, Happiness Bestie, and Cheerleader…rolled into one.

Because you’re so used to doing it alone, this is your chance to experience doing it a different way!

To ask for what you need. Or want. Without apology. From someone with no vested interest other than to see you succeed and feel better.

ūü§™We’ll co-create your imperfect-action plan
You’ll get a follow-up session a couple of weeks later where we’ll roll up our sleeves together to create a sustainable, easy, and maybe even fun plan for making this change a more permanent one.

Using my mix of spirituality, neuroscience, and psychology, I’ll help you craft an imperfect action plan, designed specifically for you.

Because happiness is NOT a cookie-cutter thing and not a destination, you can have a life where you feel ok saying ‘no more’ to endless nights of mindless Netflix bingeing and ‘yes’ to whatever brings you boatloads of joy!

And I can help you create it one Happiness Experiment at a time!

To book your 1-month Coaching Experience: Click HERE

Message me if you have any questions or want to chat briefly about whatever you’re struggling with to see if we’re a fit.