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Lauren Zeiher

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    Virtual Session
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    75 min
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innerdance is an intuitive and organic state of expanded consciousness that acts as a gateway or portal towards wholeness and a deeper understanding of who and what we are. it is a unique form of energy work. it’s an awakening of your own kundalini life force energy. it’s a glimpse at the fabric of the whole as it exists beyond ego and the projection of the personality. a sacred experience that launches us into accelerated spiritual development and profound transformation.

innerdance is the experience of non-duality: the oneness of all that is, intimacy between you and the entire universe within you. your awareness is no longer split into a experiencer and the thing that is experienced, there is just pure experience. pure connection to god consciousness, to the one god/goddess within. it is this in-between state that allows you to see into other dimensions of self, or other versions of the self that exist beyond the physical plane. it’s a journey that opens you up to explore the many different states of consciousness you can tune into. it provides a safe space to explore your ever expanding consciousness and the many layers that make up the self.

in session, you are going into a beautiful and deep space where something else takes over, a frequency that puts you into a deep state of trust, with just the slightest change in the way the body is held. when you find yourself in a moment of vulnerability, a letting go, a surrendering to all that is, to all that comes…

innerdance is a transformative healing experience and:

  • enlivening of life force energy
  • awakening of your kundalini energy
  • a rewiring of the neurological and central nervous system
  • a safe space to explore your inner self and surrender to your inner wisdom
  • remover of energetic blocks
  • a connector to your higher states of consciousness and awareness
  • a release of stored emotions and trauma
  • an opportunity to strengthen your intuitive and psychic abilities
  • a deeper state of surrender
  • explore your multidimensional self
  • connect to god consciousness and become one with all that is