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Personal Development & Life Coaching

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    Virtual Session
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    60 min
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What could you do if you had a bit more confidence?

What might you achieve if you were less anxious?

What would you do if you were more assertive or developed and used your communication skills on your own behalf?

If you had a healthy dose of motivation, what would you do about the barriers that are keeping you stuck and confused?

If you dared to face up to your strengths and worked with your weaknesses, might you begin to walk in the direction of what you want, what you really want for your life?

Sometimes life happens, our confidence gets knocked, our self-esteem suffers and our sense of purpose wavers.  This is where personal development coaching can help.

Personal Development Coaching – who is it for?

Personal development coaching is for any individual who is in a good place mentally and emotionally but is dissatisfied with where there are in certain aspects of their life.  You might already know which aspect of life you want to work towards improving.  Or maybe you lack clarity in this regard.  If so, we could work together to figure out which part is causing you the most discontent and where the least change will bring you the greatest benefits.

I can work with you to journey from a place of anxiety and stuckness to clarity and growth.

In my work, I offer a non-judgmental relationship that is based on trust, respect and acceptance through which my clients learn to trust, respect and accept themselves.

My coaching style is collaborative, conversational and challenging.  By working with me, you will be heard… and therefore learn to hear and trust your own authentic inner voice which will support you in attaining your goals.  You will also be expected to take concrete actionable steps towards your goals.