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Lauren Zeiher

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  • Session Location
    Virtual Session
  • Duration of Session
    60 min
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this session is a deep energetic clearing and cleansing of the chakras, meridians, internal organs, blood, tissue, muscles, bone and all layers of the body, including the auric field. there is a removal of any inorganic energies from others, as well as any attachments, tears, or blocks. during this session, you will feel connected to source, your soul and higher self and relax while lauren removes stuck or stagnant energy, emotions, thought patterns, etc, that are creating disharmony and dysfunction in the body.

depending on your current situation, we can dive deeper into ancestral, inner child or past life healing and begin removing blockages by collapsing and clearing traumas from past lifetimes or others that are still present in your body. this is important because although our mind doesn’t remember our past, our bodies do! they hold the memories of any emotions and experiences that haven’t been healed, which can lead to physical pain, health issues, insomnia or inability to sleep, anxiety, depression and even hair loss or IBS.

a regular energy clearing can benefit everyone, not just sensitive or intuitive people! this is because we are constantly absorbing and picking up the energy around us, whether it’s from being out in the busy city that you live in, from your work environment, even dealing with problematic family members that ‘get under your skin.’ if you’re feeling fatigued, low energy, depressed or just simply ‘off’ or not yourself, this session will greatly benefit you.