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Remote/Distant Reiki Energy Healing & Charka Balancing

  • Session Location
    Virtual Session
  • Duration of Session
    60 min
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My mission is to facilitate your healing and enlightenment by providing a haven where you can examine your innermost thoughts and feelings. As you attune to the higher frequency of your soul, you will experience profound relaxation, an energy shift, and the welcome return of your presence during these sessions.

Since 2019 I’ve worked as a professional energy healer and life coach, and I’ve developed a keen awareness of how our energetic makeup is mirrored in our external environment. I am an expert at deciphering these codes and using them to help my clients identify and address the underlying mental, emotional, and physiological causes of their current challenges. Healing works on both the conscious and unconscious levels, permeating past and present to unearth what is true and let go of what isn’t so one can move forward. Regarding health, vibrational medicine “meets us where we are,” providing precisely what we require. That means we’ll get the help we need to mend our bodies and souls. The part of us that has been around the longest and knows the most will serve as our guide if we need it.

What to expect in a distant healing session

Science has proven that distant Reiki treatment is just as effective as in-person treatment. At the time of our session, all you need to do is sit back in your own home and make yourself as comfortable as possible with the intention of receiving.

You have the option of scheduling a video consult or a tech-free session. Those who have questions are encouraged to send an email.

My most popular offering is the session where we don’t use any technology. At the time of your session, all you need to do is unwind, tune in to your inner self, and receive the healing energy transmission. Amazing for those who have trouble sleeping or are under constant stress. To limit your time in front of the screen, you will receive a WhatsApp message at the start of your treatment and again at the end. Upon scheduling, you will receive an email with additional instructions and a suggested playlist to make the most of your session.

Online sessions are the way to go if you want to chat with me before starting treatment. We’ll start with a 10-minute video chat via Zoom, and then I’ll lead you through a 5-minute meditation to help you unwind before I give you Reiki. This is ideal for people who are anxious about what to expect and want some light conversation and gain insight and encouragement.

Please note I am located in the UK. Please contact me if a suitable time is unavailable, and we will find a mutually convenient time.