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ThetaHealing® Technique is a meditation technique to create massive change and healing in your life.
Break free of limiting beliefs, outdated programming, fears, and doubts that have prevented you from living your desired reality.

Reprogram Beliefs Around:
– Not feeling healthy/ inability to heal diseases
– Not being good enough
– Not being strong enough
– Unsafe in your body
– Feeling Unlovable or Unworthy
– Feeling alone
– Feeling Stuck in your current situation
– Generational and parental patterns
– Karmic & past life vows

What You Can Experience Through the Theta Healing Technique
– Reduced Anxiety/Depression
– Heal Illness, Abuse, & Addiction
– Heal diseases
– Mend Heartbreak
– Improve your relationship with Money
– Improve Self-love
– Become a Master Manifestor
– Balance Chakras
– Improve Relationships with self & others
– Clear Radiation/EMF from the body
– Remove Limiting Beliefs, Fears, & Doubts
– Visit the Akashic Records to Recall Past Lives & Soul Contracts
– Connect With Universal Laws to Bend Time, Acquire Virtues & Enter 5th Dimension
– Unlock your Soul’s Blueprint
– Uncover Blocks preventing you from experiencing happiness, fulfillment, and love.
– Channel Source Energy to Receive Guidance
– Experience Instant Self-Healing
– Connect With your Higher Self, Ancestors, Angels & Spirit Guides
– Change Genetic Coding
– Heal Childhood Trauma

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